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  • Admission and Transfer Guidelines for International Students and Children of Overseas Chinese

      1. Target Groups

      i.Under the principle of studying close to the place of residence and by the arrangement through overall planning, applicants belonging to this target group will be assigned to the school with the experience of foreign student management and will study in a regular class.

      a. Children of foreigners legally employed in Ningbo;

      b. Children of overseas Chinese;

      c. Children of foreigners with Residence Permit (B card) in Ningbo;

      ii. Under the principle of strict management and relative assemblage, applicants whose parents do not work in Ningbo and who come directly from abroad for studying in primary and secondary schools will be assigned to one of the five schools authorized by the Ningbo Municipal Education Commission and will be taught under a tailor-made teaching plan.

      2. Requested Application Documents for Admission (Transfer)

      i. Accompanying children of foreigners legally employed in Ningbo shall provide the following proofs when filing an application:

      a. Working papers of one parent (Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate);

      b. Proof of the residential permit in Ningbo valid over one year (including one year) of one parent;

      c. In case of no accompanying relationship indicated on parents¨ employment certificate, applicants shall present the documents certifying the accompanying relationship between applicants and the certificate holder issued by the enterprise of one parent.

      ii. The following proofs are requested for the applicant whose parent holds a Residence Permit (B card) in Ningbo.

      3. Application Procedure Chart

      Foreign student submit Application Form and The Requested Documents.

      Foreign student completes the procedures of admission or transfer at the school administration.

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