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  • Calligraphy Summer School Root-seeking in China Begins in Ningbo

    The opening ceremony of 2017 calligraphy summer school for overseas youth (Ningbo) was held at Cihu Middle School on the morning of July 18. Over 80 students and teachers from Italy, Canada, the United States, Chile, Finland, Japan and other countries joined students and teachers in Cihu Middle School in the summer school.

    It is reported that the root-seeking calligraphy summer school for overseas youth (Ningbo) was held by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council, Foreign and Overseas Chinese Affairs of Zhejiang Province and the Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Ningbo, and co-organized by Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of Jiangbei District and Cihu Middle School for 14 consecutive years, which was very popular with overseas Chinese teenagers.

    With Eastern Zhejiang cultural elements of Ningbo, the 10-days-long summer camp involves activities as calligraphy, Chinese characters chess, painting, paper cutting, Chinese studies, Tai Chi, Chinese knot making, making sweet dumplings, Jiao Zi, rice cakes, aimed to motivate more students to take part in it, Trips to University of Nottingham Ningbo China, Ci Cheng ancient town, Hemudu Site Museum and The Ningbo Fellowship Museum were arranged to let the campers experience the charming history and culture of their hometown.

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