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  • Ningbo University ranks No.1 in evaluation of teaching

    It is reported that results of the teaching work evaluation of the college principals or deans from 56 colleges or universities in Zhejiang Province in 2016 have recently been issued by Zhejiang Bureau of Education. Ningbo University ranks No.1 on a comprehensive basis with 95.7% of all the eight evaluation items assessed ¡°excellent¡± or ¡°good¡±.

    Over the past year, Ningbo University obtained a national specialized comprehensive reform project, a national demonstration center for experiment and teaching, four national excellent resources classes or brand courses for overseas students, and 12 provincial featured major construction projects. With its focus on the guidance for students¡¯ innovation and entrepreneurship, it ranks No.14 in the ¡°Internet plus¡± College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition and No.12 in the national College Student Entrepreneurship Contest, both ranking No.1 among the colleges and universities in Zhejiang Province. The university has also been identified as one of the first ¡°national demonstration universities for deepening the education reform on innovation and entrepreneurship¡±.

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