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  • Interview for pre-school education majors held
    The first-round interview for the five-year preschool education major in Ningbo was held on May 20 and 21 at Ningbo Foreign Affairs School. The over 600 interviewees are all middle school graduates from the central area of Ningbo, including Haishu District, Jiangdong District, Jiangbei District and Ningbo National Hi-tech Industrial Development Zone. To be qualified for the final shortlist, the interviewees have to pass the tests for reciting, singing, painting and dancing.
    Besides the five-year education major, the candidates can also choose to study in the Sino-US Cooperative International Class. In cooperation with the Dutchess Community College of the USA, the Foreign Affairs School launched this program with the aim of cultivating talents who can master advanced international teaching philosophy of pre-school education. For the first three years, the students will study the high school courses, pre-school education major courses and English courses. Then the qualified students can continue their study for the associate bachelor's degree for pre-school education at the Dutchess Community College before they continue their study in the USA or find a job.
    100 candidates among the interviewees are male students, accounting for about one sixth of the total, and they did well in the tests of reciting and singing. 
    The Gulin Vocational Senior High School will accept 170 students in four classes for its pre-school education major. Two of the classes are the five-year education major jointly run with Jinhua Polytechnic, whose students will study at the Gulin Vocational Senior High School for three years and go on with their study at Jinhua Polytechnic after they pass the examinations.
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