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  • Students from Ningbo win DI prizes
    Five delegations from Ningbo attended the final of the Destination Imagination with 20,000 candidates from over 20 countries in the world. The delegation from Shinan Primary School of Yuyao County obtained the special award and ranked No.2 with a high score.
    The DI is an international competition with the aim of cultivating the innovation capacity of the youth. So far, over two million young students or volunteers from 66 countries or regions have participated in the competition and related activities.
    The final of the 2017 DI Global Youth Innovative Thinking, held at the Tennessee State University in Knoxville, US, attracted over 2000 teams from over 20 countries, who had survived the trials.
    All the five delegation teams from Ningbo, including those from Shinan Primary School of Yuyao County, Ningbo Zhen'an Primary School, Damu Bay Primary School of Xiangshan County, and Liren Middle School, won the innovation and creativity awards for the Asian area.
    The team of Shinan Primary School, with five members, received the "Renaissance Award", the special award for the structural category for the primary school group.
    Reportedly, the Renaissance Award is an award for the most outstanding team in engineering and design in each group.
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