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    Ningbo Huamao International School (NBHIS)is affiliated with the Huamao Education Group. Previously known as the International Education Department of Huamao Foreign Languages School (HFLS), NBHIS is located on the East of Huamao campus. NBHIS has over 700 students, which include 300 expatriate students from various countries. We have over 44 qualified foreign teaching staff in our team .NBHIS has IBO accreditation for the IBPYP and IBDP curriculum and the Sino-Canadian high school program approved by the China Education Ministry. We run a Bilingual Primary Program, a Sino-American program & an HSK program. NBHIS is not only the first school in Zhejiang province accreditated by IBO, but also one of only 2 schools in China authorized to be a member school of Round Square Organization on international schools group who share student exchange and adventure. NBHIS aims to produce the qualified future citizens, who care for in the home country and the world with global thinking and a caring view.

    Our Strengthens

    • World¡¯s best international curriculum: No matter where students come from, their age, or their education background. There is always a place for you in our school.

    The Early Years school department of NBHIS has successfully run the bilingual inquiry program of IBPYP for over 5 years.
    Under the authorization of National Education Transition program of the Nation Education Ministry, Our elementary school has gradually intermixed the IBPYP Curriculum and the local program. We provide interdisciplinary and varied extension courses in Middle School. They made a solid foundation for students who going to High School in the international school, IBDP or Sino programs.
    In order to make a good plan for student¡¯s professional development, we provide multiple choices for High school students. We have a Sino-Canadian program for over ten years in High School, which has been approved by the China Education ministry. Our partner school is one of the biggest boarding schools in Canada, with the professional support from Columbia International College, Canada. Our Sino-Canadian program has provided a good language and personal study skills for student¡¯s further development.
    We provide a mobile teaching system in IBDP and provide a gold standard level international curriculum for students who will go to world universities. Our IBPYP and IBDP programs also provide a strong foundation for student¡¯s moral & social development in the future.
    NBHIS has had an HSK program for over ten years. It aims to provide step by step in Mandarin learning, Chinese culture and other Chinese subjects for expatriate students from primary to high school. The HSK program is designed and developed in line with student¡¯s needs and the entrance requirements of top colleges and universities in China, It will make students ambassadors to carry Chinese culture to world.

    NBHIS has over 45 foreign staff and 68 local staff, who are qualified with good education backgrounds, teaching qualifications and professional teaching experience. We put great effort into staff professional development. We often send staff to attend the IB training and our staff exchange meeting at all levels in school training etc. We invite experts from partner schools of Canada and America to provide training and teaching for our staff .Through local and foreign staff co-teaching and corporation, NBHIS has made a significant progress in its development. And we have some staff becoming IB examiners and Accreditation officer and Workshop training Leaders.

    • East meets West and whole personal Education

    NBHIS is where East meets West, where local and foreign staff co-teach , and co-homeroom teach with local and expatriate students in a class .We focus on the students¡¯ ability of study and inquiring, and we are committing to increase students independence and critical thinking , through teaching and learning, practice and inquiring , thinking and debating ,experience and reflection. We produce learners who are innovative have leadership ability, who are corporative, who are ready to be a world citizens.

    • ¡ñSmall size and diversity class

    NBHIS has small sized classes and a flexible class system in our school. Through teaching student how to use computers and IPAD for inquiry we help students to become ready for the 21st century. Discussion, inquiry & group study are provided in our classes. We have diversity of extra curriculums & optional courses. CAS in High school is important development in our schooling. CAS includes sports activities : football, tennis, swimming, taekwondo ,Chinese martial arts; Fine arts : Chinese calligraphy , paper cutting arts ,ceramic craft, tea arts ; languages : Spanish ,French , Germany ; baking ,handworks ,yoga, dance ,photograph ,band ,bicycle ,running , basketball , volleyball, hockey ball, baseball club. As a member school of Round Square, our student representatives have attended the students¡¯ conferences of Round Square in Australia and Singapore. Our students have been international exchange students for months with Round Square member schools such as Sidcot, a honored school in UK & Salem ,A top school in Germany & St. Philips school in Australia. We have hosted some international students from UK, Germany and Australia. What¡¯s more, we will provide more international exchange opportunities for students, which will lead students to more wider global social works.

    • ¡ñExcellent alumni in the world

    After ten years development, we have made more fruitful achievements in the world with our professional curriculum, outstanding local and foreign teaching staff, and East and West intermixed education system. Our students have gone the top of 50 universities and colleges in U.S, the top 3 universities in Canada, the top 10 universities in U.K, and the 8 top universities in Australia. They are doing their best there. In 2014-2015 academic year, our IBDP graduates have been enrolled to top colleges in the world, also they have obtained up to 6 million of scholarships from universities in world. You can find that many our graduates from HSK program are studying at top universities in China, such as Peking University, Tsinghua University, The People¡¯s University, Shanghai Fudan University, Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University etc. Our students of NBHIS are walking to the world, empowered with dreams and confidence . 
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