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  • Access International Academy Ningbo

    Access International Academy Ningbo (AIAN) is an independent, nonsectarian coeducational day school founded in 2003. AIAN is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), is a member of the Association of China and Mongolia International Schools (ACAMIS) and the East Asia Region Council of Overseas Schools (EARCOS).  AIAN is the only WASC accreditation school in Ningbo Area.  AIAN is a College Board Testing Center and offers the PSAT, SAT and AP examinations to its students.
    AIAN offers an American-based college preparatory program within an international educational context.There are 21 instructional faculty members and administrators employed with AIAN. Of the expatriate teachers, 80% are North American.

    The AIAN student body is comprised of students from over 20 countries.  The teacher-pupil ratio is approximately 1:5, which promotes individualized instructional practices.  The school¡¯s After School Activities (ASA) program is designed to offer a wide range of activities across all grade levels.  The teachers and students are supported by six teaching assistants and six office staff.  The qualified, caring professionals of AIAN provide a nurturing and challenging learning environment where students thrive. 
    Students are encouraged and empowered to become Global Citizens, Lifelong Learners, Collaborative Workers, and Effective Communicators enabling them to contribute to the betterment of the world.

    Admission Process
    Access International Academy Ningbo welcomes applications for admission from three years old to Grade 12 with foreign passports, Hong Kong, Macau or Taiwan traveling documents. Applications for admittance must include the student's academic and health records before enrollment and placement procedures are complete. Please contact the Admissions Office for an application or go to the school's website.

    Admission Testing
    Non-native English speaking students are required to take an English proficiency assessment beginning in Grade 1.

    Discount Policy
    --Sibling Discount Policy
    Discounts for tuition and bus fees are offered to younger siblings as follows:

    • ¡ñSecond younger child in attendance at AIAN less 10%
    • ¡ñThird child and above less 20%

    --NETD (government subsidy) discount for related foreign company will be no more than 25,000RMB per year.
    For more details, please contact the Admission Office Ms. Lilian Chen at 0574-86869999.
    Tuition Fee£¨SY 2015-2016£©

    Grade Level

    Tuition Fee (RMB/Year)





    Grade 1-5


    Grade 6-7


    Grade 8


    Grade 9-11


    Grade 12



    School Website£ºwww.aian.org.cn
    Contact person Ms. Shirley Xia£º0574-86824072
    Address: No.1 Aixue Road, Beilun District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, 315800, China




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