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  • Higher Education

    In 2015, there are all together 15 higher education institutions in Ningbo, which includes 7 full-time universities, 6 vocational and technical colleges, 2 adult education colleges and College of Software Technology of Zhejiang University. The total number of full-time students in higher education institutions reaches 151,300 which includes 8,118 postgraduates, 96,900 undergraduates, 54,400 vocational and technical college students. There are 53,000 students of higher adult education. In Ningbo, 270 of every 10,000 citizens are college students. The gross fixed assets of the higher education institutions of Ningbo are 11.84 billion RMB and the overall floor space reaches to 5,284,000 square meters. The total value of teaching equipments reaches 2.77 billion RMB. The libraries have a collection of some 16.09 million volumes (excluding electronic books). There are 8,417 academic staff in Ningbo higher education institutions, including 3,470 professors and associate professors, 2,063 Ph.Ds. 16 Special Professors employed are funded by Yong River Scholars Program and 5 chair professors. Higher education institutions in Ningbo offer 2 doctorate programs of first level discipline, 13 doctorate programs of second level discipline, 19 master programs of first level discipline, 93 master programs of second level discipline, and approved 3 National Reform and Experimental Zone for Fostering Talents, 11 National Base for Characteristic Major Construction, 40 National Excellent Courses (bilingual courses), 43 Provincial Key Disciplines of Higher Education Institutions and so on. Furthermore, there are 33 Dominant Specialties of the ¡°12th five year plan¡± of Zhejiang province, 3 key humanities and social sciences research base of provincial college, 186 provincial excellent courses, 41 key discipline of Ningbo, 17 brand specialty and 45 characteristic specialty of Ningbo. By review, 7 collaborative innovation center has been approved in Ningbo, including ¡°Nonlinear Marine and Atmospheric Disaster System Collaborative Innovation Center¡± in Ningbo University, ¡° Ningbo Smart Transportation Collaborative Innovation Center¡± in Ningbo University of Technology, ¡°New Type of Marine Aquaculture Equipment Collaborative Innovation Center¡± inZhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology, etc.

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