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  • Basic Education

    Targeting at realizing the modernization of education in all respects, basic education in Ningbo persists in deeply promoting quality-oriented schooling to meet the people¡¯s needs for high quality education. In 2015, there are 273,800 students in total 289 secondary schools, which include 205 junior secondary schools and 84 senior secondary schools, with the enrollment of 185,800 and 88,000 students respectively. There are 480,200 students in 448 primary schools and 1020 students in 11 special schools. 265,800 children of migrant workers are studying in Ningbo and 82% of them (about 218,600 students) are enrolled in public primary and secondary schools. 33 senior secondary schools are approved as the provincial key schools (including 9 first-class key schools and 24 second-class key schools). In the end of 2015, there are 142 provincial special-level teachers and 376 municipal ¡°Prestigious Teachers¡±, 22 municipal specialized chief teachers and 14 teachers treated as professors both in primary and secondary schools. The higher education qualifications rate of the teacher in the primary schools and junior middle schools reaches 98.42% and 95.36% respectively. The enrollment rate of the 9-year compulsory education reaches 100% and the consolidation rate reaches 99 %. The enrollment rate of disabled children is over 98.62%, and up to 99.17% of the junior secondary school students enter into senior secondary schools. 92.1% of high school graduates are enrolled in the higher education institutions.

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