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  • Ningbo No.4 Middle School

    Ningbo No.4 Middle School has a long history, dating back to 159 years age. Its development can be summarized as ¡° One Source, Two Main Rivers, Three Tributaries¡± which makes up the school today. One Source refers to Chong Xin Free School. It was founded by Marcoty, a member of the Presbyterian Church of America. It is the original source of education history of our school. After complicated evolution, it turned into Chong Xin Middle School in 1912. ¡°Two Main Rivers¡±, one is an old-style private school set up by the Baptist Church of America in 1855. It became Baptist Middle School in 1912. In1923, Baptist Middle School and Chong Xin Middle School merged into one school, named, Si Ming Middle School;The other is another old-style private school set up by Methodist Church of England in 1860 on Zhu Lin Alley, Jie Fang North Road. And it turned into Fei Di Middle School in1930 (it had been moved to Si Zhou Tang in Jiang Bei District at that time). In 1935, three sides of church reached an agreement to merge Si Ming Middle School and Fei Di Middle School and founded a new school named Easten Zhejiang Middle School. In December 1952, the City Government took over the school adopting the new name ¡° Ningbo No.4 Middle School¡±. ¡°Three Tributaries¡± means the mergence of Yi San Middle School in October 1949, Technical School that belonged to Ningbo Bureau of Labour in 1964 and Jing Bei Junior Middle School in 1965. All these united to form today¡¯s Ningbo No.4 Middle School. Now, Ningbo No.4 Middle School is a regular senior middle school and a second-class provincial key middle school that directly belong to Ningbo Bureau of Education.

        Over the past 150 years, the school has educated a lot of talents for society, such as scholars, professionals in science and technology, famous teachers, high-ranking military officers and so on. Among them, the most distinguished people are Lin Han da--- the former vice-minister of the Education Department, Feng Tiyun--- the former vice- minister of the Supervision Department, Tan Jiazhen, Sun Ruyong--- the academicians of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Zhu Miaolong--- the former President of Qingdao university and the expert in airway track, Cai Yijiang --- famous scholars in ¡°stone story¡± research, Huang Minger--- the expert in biological engineering with double doctor degrees, Zhu Yida, Xu Fangting--- the high-ranking military officers of P.L.A, Zhan Qiuren--- the former secretary of Party Committee of Zhejiang province, Xu Ying, Zhang De ming--- the martyrs of guerrilla forces in Mountain Si Ming, ect.

        The school pays attention to the traditional morality education all the time with the school principles ¡°Honesty, Simplicity, love¡±, and attaches importance to the school¡¯s instructing of learning atmosphere and students¡¯ all-around development in morality, intelligence, athletics and aesthetics. With time goes by, it has won a great number of glorious titles, such as the national key experimental school for research project, Ningbo model school of civilization, civilized unit of Ningbo city, advanced unit of hygiene in Ningbo, national advanced school for comprehensive prevention of student common-diseases, Ningbo specialized school featured with football.

        No. 4 High School is located at 608, west section of North Road circuit of the city, Jiangbei District. The school campus covers an area of 75,000 square meters with 32,730 square meters. The school provides students with a standard swimming pool with 50 meters-long lanes, a standard sports ground with 400-meter-long running tracks, a library covering 3,846 square meters, and a stadgym with an area of 1,697.4 square meters. Afforestation coverage in the school reaches 50%, which results in green and calm campus. The school is well equipped with teaching facilities, such as sound system, closed-circuit TV system, communication system and campus Internet system. Meanwhile, good living facilities make it possible for students to board at school. What¡¯s more, a strong staff is available. The headmaster of the school has been honored with the title ¡° Ningbo Famous Headmaster¡±. Recently its staff has totaled 114 members, among whom there are 34 senior teachers, 40 first-grade teachers, 12 junior teachers and 24 postgraduates. Currently it has 24 classes, including 10 classes of Grade One, 8 classes of Grade Two and 6 classes of Grade Three. The headmaster and his staff stick to the principle that education should be based on the educated, and devote all their efforts to efficient management. As a result, proportion of students entering universities is rising year by year.In 2004, that proportion reached 96.5%, and 66.6% of which referred to students entering key universities.

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